• Permanent Hair Removal (IPL)

    Upper Lip
    Full Face
    Full Body
    Full Legs
    Half Legs
    Full Arms
    Half Arms
    Full Back
    Half Back
    Abdomen Line
    Bikini Line
    Full Bikini
  • Massage (Treatment)

    CosmeticsA quick way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, we offer various types of massages.Pamper your body by doing the different types of massage that we offer at Oceana.The best way to feel destressed is a massage that you can choose from a list of massages we offer. The exotic massage, aroma therapy message,Swedish massage, hot stone massage and sports massage.

    Swedish massage therapy uses long smooth strokes , kneading and circular movements using massage lotion or oil which can be very gentle and relaxing.

    Aroma therapy massage done with the addition of more scented plant oil which makes you relaxed , energetic, stress free and balanced.

    Hot stone massage loosens tight muscles and balance energy centres of your body.It is the most comforting.An ideal massage for relieving muscular and joint pain.

    Sports Massage is not just for sports people but for anyone who stands for a long time or who works out often.

    Reflexology involves applying pressure to certain points on foot that corresponds to organs and system in the body

    Massage therapist work the reflex points of hands and feet to relieve pain, strengthen the immune system and so on.

    Relaxing back Massage
    Anti - Stress Massage
    Relaxing and acupressure massage 45 mins
    Acupressure Massage release stress and detox 60 mins
    Relaxing massage with Herbal Ball
    Chinese Pain Relieve Massage 60 Mins
    Chinese Pain Relieve Massage 90 Mins
  • Reflexology

    Hands and Feet
    Hands and Feet
  • Eye lash extension

    VaVa Voom
    Reefill / 3 weeks
    Refill / 4 to 6 weeks
  • Facials (Treatment)

    CosmeticsAll types of facial done depending upon the type of skin. A thorough facial to enhance your beauty and leaves your skin clear and glowing.Facial done to stimulate your skin and give new freshness and brightness to your face.To restore your skin’s ph balance, clogged pores and refine your skin texture.

    Facial helps to stimulate your skin and gives it a freshness and brightness.
    Eyebrow-shaping of eyebrows by experts and extending o f eyelashes to beautify your looks

    Mini Facial
    Cleanse and Clean with Extraction Facial
    Sensitive Dry skin Facial
    Botomask coenzyme Q10 and Collagen Booster Facial
    Anti - Age mexo aquaporins Facial
    Biolifting Rejuvenate Firm and Cpmtpir facial
    Whitening and collagen with enzymes and biogold ceramides Facial
    Gold Facial Placenta Collagen with crystal bio-gold ceramides for ageing skin
    Acne treatment Light Peel Facial
    Glycolic Facial Peel
    All Natural Green Peel
    HYDRAFACIAL MD facelift without surgery
    Anti ageing
    6 sessions
    Bio Gold Peptides Facial
    Microdermabrasion face peel
    Diamond brasion face peel
  • Nails

    Nails Extensions
    Nails Extension / French
    Nails Extension / Refill
    Nails Removal
    Nails Toes
    Nails Toes / French
    Nails Repair/ Per nail
    Gel extensions
    Gel Extensions / French
    Gel Extensions / Refill
    Gel Removal
    Gel Repair
  • Body Package treatment

    15 Min body Polish scrub +15 Min Body Mask + 15Min Relaxing Massage 45 min treatment.
    +30 Min relaxing Massage 60 min treatment
    +45 Min relaxing Massage 75 min treatment.
    +60 Min relxing Massage 90 min treatment
    Anti Cellulite Mask
    Grape Seed Scrub
    Whitening body mud mask
  • Hydrafacial MD

  • LPG